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Ever since I heard Grizzly Bear’s breakthrough album “Yellow House” I was hooked. With that being said I’ll try to leave this as unbiased as possible.

“Veckatimest”, pronounced “Veck” “Ah” “Tim” “Est”, seems to cover many era’s of music without losing the Grizzly Bear style. The style being considered, first and foremost, the vocal layering and harmonizing, but also the echoed tremolo folk guitar. Most of the songs remind me of 50′s era songs that you would hear in a Disney movie. I know that sounds awful but it’s not how it sounds, I just mean that Grizzly Bear has found that innocent pitch that were made so famous in old animated movies…excluding Fantasia…that movie scared me as a child.

The album starts off strong with “Southern Point” (Also is included at the bottom of this post). This song conjures up images of a guy setting off on a boat for an adventure for the first time and this song would the narration of his travels. Some have been saying the lyrics are a bit “re-used”, however I hardly listen to vocals anymore. I mainly just listen to the vocals as I would any other instrument, putting them together and listening to the whole. You may be thinking…”But your missing out on so much!”, my response to that is artists who depend on lyrics to capture the audience attention, most of the time put more emphasis on the vocals meaning no vocal layering, or effects. You can definitely tell when a band wants you to pay attention to their vocals.

The second song on the album is “Two Weeks” (don’t worry I’m not going through the whole album), This song has hit me like a sentimental song that you will hear in many movies to come…trust me you will. This is probably the most danceable song on the album

This album is by far first on my list for “Best of 2009″ and I will bet money that it will receive above a 9 on Pitchfork. If it doesn’t then I will forever shun Pitchfork and discontinue the use of it for music news.

The band has released a statement about being disappointed that the album has leaked so early, so I will do my part to stop the spread of this leak until the release date has come (May 26th) for support of this band. I will not nor can not stop you from finding it via other sources though, I do hope that you guys consider preordering or purchasing the album (links to do so are below).

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